Tails on Trails owner, Michelle Cohn, was doing her rounds this past Christmas morning, when she stumbled upon two abandoned dogs on near the Whites Hall house in Crofton, Maryland. Upon further investigation, Michelle learned that these pups were abandoned near the house (just off Riedel Road on Duckett Farm) over the summer. Originally a litter of five, two dogs remain near and around Whites Hall.

If you know Michelle, you know that it is impossible to suppress her passion for animal care. Dubbing the black dog Riedel and the white dog Duckett, she has visited the pups daily since Christmas in an effort to get them familiar with her, so she can rescue them. Michelle is not deterred by bad weather:

(No kidding: the name of the towing company is Doberman Towing!)

While their breed mix hasn’t been confirmed, it is thought they may have some Shepard, Chow and or Spitz in them. Here is the latest shot of Riedel, however Duckett remains elusive to the camera!

Of late, she has become concerned because as the pups are growing into adults they are also growing into their herding instincts. Riedel and Duckett have been dashing out onto Riedel Road chasing cars, to satisfy this primal urge. It is frightening, and these dogs need a safer environment.

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