Every person who has lived in Maryland through Spring and Summer knows what kind of special safety issues will arise with the heat. All over Annapolis, bowls of water will appear on porches so that dogs will find respite from the heat. In Quiet Waters Dog Park, dogs will start gathering in the shady spots. As we spend more and more time outside, it’s important to remember one of the less obvious dangers our pets will be facing.

Ticks LOVE to find their way onto our pets. While we’re out enjoying a nice hike in the beautiful weather on the B & O Trail, we are unknowingly picking up extra visitors on both ourselves and our pets. Even with Frontline, bug spray, or their alternatives, often times a tick or two will find their way to us and our pets.

So, this time of year it is extra crucial that you check both yourself and your pet as often as possible. Be sure to check in the crevices on their legs, in the hair behind their neck, in their ears, or in any other warm place that might be appealing to ticks. For yourself, be sure to check around your ankles, your knees, and all over.

If you find a tick, be sure to remove it safely and completely. Tick heads that are left behind can cause problems. For tips on how to safely remove ticks, check the ASPCA website.

In Maryland, there are always more ticks to be found, so be sure to check regularly.  The sooner you find the issue, the better!




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