Annapolis Dog Walking If you’ve lived in Maryland long enough, you know that January is just the beginning of our winter. We still have plenty of time for freezing rain, ice, snow, and all that nature has to offer. Most people in the area are well aware of the inclement weather policies for the places that they work, but sometimes not so clear on the policies of other places.

So, now that Maryland has hit quite a cold spell, it is a perfect time to explain the weather policies for Tails on Trails. We know that our wonderful clients depend on us to provide them with the best in care for their pets. That being said, we also have to consider the safety of our dog walkers and pet sitters.

The balance that we’ve found in providing the best care for our clients and their pets as well as ensuring the safety of our dog walkers and pet sitters is to follow the Federal Government for all closings. If the Federal Government has determined that they will close for inclement weather, we will as well. If there is a delay, we do not follow the Government, we operate as close to our normal time as possible.

During times of very harsh weather when we are providing pet sitting visits for pets whose owners are out of town, there have been times when we take the pets before a storm and place them in overnight care. This is to ensure that the pet does not end up stranded for days without care. Again, all part of our commitment to our clients.

If you ever have any questions about your pet’s care or the services that we provide, do not hesitate to ask!



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