Dog Walking Severna park Walter

A Dog Walking Client With Some Character!

Tails on Trails is happy to have a wide variety of clients. From fluffy rabbits to goofy Great Danes, our clients come in all shapes and sizes. We are primarily a dog walking company, but we do take on other clients for pet sitting of all sorts. If we have staff comfortable with the pet, we will look after it to the best of our ability.

Each pet has their own personality and the instructions we get from owners often give us a window into their likes and dislikes. Many owners will leave notes on which toys to use with their dog or cat, like “He loves his fluffy new duck toy!” or, “Don’t even bother trying to get him to play with his new kong.” That part of the job is always a lot of fun–learning each pets likes and dislikes and trying to make them as comfortable as possible while their owner is away.

Sometimes we learn a lot just by hanging out with the pet. Is it a dog that loves water and hops up and down until you lower the bowl? A dog that sits quietly in his crate watching you as you enter the house–so you know to be quiet and slow around him. A cat that likes to be petted and purrs against your leg? Or a cat you might never catch a glimpse of on the pet sitting visit? No matter the personality, our dog walkers and pet sitters learn quickly to adjust!

Walter here is one of our dog walking clients from Severna Park.  We think Walter is a dog with quite a bit of character. Looking into those eyes you might think he knows all of your deepest secrets. That scruff on his muzzle combined with his little mohawk scruff is just too much. Quite the cutie. We think everyone will agree that Walter would be a very cool dog to get to know and each walker is lucky to have him on their schedule!


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