Pasadena Dog Walking Pet Sitting

Tails on Trails covers most of Anne Arundel County and we have some of the cutest pets in our range of coverage.

Our pet sitters and dog walkers are lucky because they get to know each dog well and enjoy their individual personalities. It really is a great job getting to hang out with so many cool pups!

That’s why we ask them to share a picture every once in a while of some of the pets they care for. We know most of our clients enjoy a cute puppy picture just as much as we do! We do our best to show you a wide range of pets from a wide range of geographic areas. From cats in Pasadena, to puppies in Crofton, to senior dogs in Annapolis, we have it all!

Here we have Ellie and Reagan from Pasadena. They seem to really love each other! (Or they are very good at posing for pictures together!) We love when our client’s pets show affection for each other. It really is the cutest thing!

When dogs love each other this much, what can be better than an afternoon enjoying one another’s company, the warm sun, and a roll in the grass?

We’re not sure there’s much better out there! Of course maybe a yummy bone, a shoe that shouldn’t be chewed, or a quick taste off the dinner plate can compare.

No matter what you do this weekend, we hope that this weekend you’re able to enjoy this beautiful weather with the same amount of joy as these two cuties. Happy Puppy Friday!

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