Dog Walking Pet Sitting
As a growing company, we have the opportunity to work with many different employees who are at  different points in their professional and personal lives.
We believe (and our employees agree) that Tails on Trails is an ideal job for someone who loves pets and enjoys working independently. Dog walking and pet sitting for Tails on Trails is a great job for someone who wants to explore the idea of working directly with animals to see where they might want to go next professionally. We also find that people who have worked with pets through another aspect, like a vet tech, find our job to be a nice way to explore to further their love for working with animals. We are very happy to have such dedicated and responsible pet sitters and dog walkers spend time with us during their career paths!
We’d like to say good bye to some of the people who have worked for Tails on Trails and who have moved on over the summer and fall to pursue other professional and personal pursuits. We were very grateful to have had them on our team and wish them the best!
Rebecca was a dog walker in Bowie who had some of the unique clients like Pirate, the one-eyed kitty pictured above. She has gone on to pursue training as a vet tech, which is a wonderful new direction for her. We anticipate hearing wonderful things about her new career.
Lauren also served Bowie over the summer and has left her work with Tails on Trails to go back to school in Kentucky. We wish her the best for the semester!
Crystal was in the Crofton/Odenton area and has moved to Washington state with her husband. His new job with Microsoft is very exciting and we wish them the best of luck. We hope they enjoy the west coast.
Michele R. worked with us over the summer. She spent a lot of time in the Odenton/Crofton area. Michele is an art teacher during the school year and  has gone back to school. We hope her school year goes wonderfully!
Allie was a dog walker who covered many areas, but was the mainstay in Laurel for quite a while. She also worked in the office and helped organize the other dog walkers and pet sitters’ work. Allie was recently married and is pursuing other interests, and we wish her the best!
We are truly appreciative of these dog walkers and other ones who have spent time working for Tails on Trails.
We wish them the very best and hope to hear from them as they continue their lives both professionally and personally!



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