Crofton Dog Walking Heat


At Tails on Trails, we’re pretty careful to make sure that your pet is always well taken care of.  That means that when we’re walking your dog outside in all types of weather, we want to be sure to pay attention to their needs.

As June really starts to heat up, we are starting to be cognizant of some potential necessary adjustments. In times of extreme heat, we will adjust our visits and walks with your pets.  Don’t worry! The Tails on Trails guarantee continues, and just like in cold weather or heavy rain storms, we will continue to be with your pet for the length of time promised.

However, when temperatures rise into the 90s and above, we need to be careful doing our walks. As most owners will agree, dogs often do worse in the heat and show signs of being affected earlier than we might. We try to be extra vigilant about each of the pets we care for and part of that includes keeping them out of the extreme heat as much as possible.

During these periods, we will give them a walk long enough to do their business, but then we will often return to be inside and play. We will as always give them fresh cool water. Additionally, just like we would note an extra cold house in the winter, if we notice an extreme temperature difference than is normal in your house, and we think the AC may have gone out, we will let you know. After all, it’s always nice to have an extra person looking out for your pet!

These procedures are for days of extreme heat when the temperature rises above 90 degrees. We know it won’t be for all summer (knock on wood!), but we want you to know that when necessary we will be looking out for your pet.

What can you do to help your dog walker take the best care of your dog?

– Let us know if your dog is extra susceptible to the heat! We’ll be on the lookout for heavy panting, but please let us know if there’s anything else we should look out for.

– If you have treats just for the heat, let us know. We’re always happy to give them doggy ice cream or an ice cube if you would like us to.

– If they have a favorite toy we can entice them with for indoor play, let us know! We’ll be happy to grab their favorite kong!

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