It’s the time of year when we’re all looking to get good pictures of our pets!

Whether it’s next to the Christmas Tree, out in the snow, or in front of the Menorah, capturing those special moments is very important this time of year.

Here are some important tips for how to get the best possible picture of your pet!


Getting your pet to smile for the camera:

There are 2 simple tricks to getting your pet to focus on the camera with their award winning smile.

  • Teach a very strong stay command. If your dog doesn’t have a strong stay command, simply go as far as you can without having him break his stay.
  • Teach a “look” command. A command that gets your dog to look at you is essential for getting the best shot. But, if all else fails, simply hold a treat over the camera!

Finding the RIGHT background:

Look for the perfect location.

  • If you want to stay home, it can be in front of your tree, among the presents, or under the stocking.
  • But, if you’re looking for an outside location at night, there are many beautiful decorations this time of year that would make a great background. Consider a trip to Downtown Annapolis at night or another outdoor holiday display to be the back drop of your photos.

Don’t forget the importance of a tired dog!

It is MUCH easier to take a picture of a tired dog than a hyper one!

  • Make sure to tired your dog out before your photo shoot, things will go much better!
  • Don’t forget, the staff of Tails on Trails is happy to help you tire your pup out before your picture session!
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