Gambrills Dog Walking Now that Maryland has had its “biggest snow event” of the year, it is a great time for some reminders about helping your pets adjust and your dog walker and pet sitter do the best job they can in caring for your pet.

Most dogs seem to like the snow. Some like to hop right in, some take one delicate step at a time. Some sniff the snow as much as they can, while others take giant bites of the white stuff. Some go a little nuts with the zoomies, getting the wiggles on the walk.

Whether they are big fans or hesitantly happy, it is important that each dog walker knows if there is anything special they must be aware of during the walk. If you prefer that your dog not be allowed to eat the snow, or that they wear little booties on their walk, it is important that we know. We also need to know if there’s one neighbor who always allows their dog to run around off leash in the snow or a house that likes to use lots of non-pet friendly salt on their sidewalks.

Before you leave the house, be sure to stick a towel by the door. We’ll be happy to wipe off your dogs paws when we come back into the house. If there is anything else you’d like us to do differently during the snow, be sure to leave a note. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy, your pet is safe, and your house is in the same condition as when you left it.

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