Michelle has made some exciting progress in her efforts to rescue Duckett & Riedel over in Crofton. She even got a shot of Duckett finally – what a beauty!

In Michelle’s own words:

“I have continued feeding them everyday. Sometimes they are waiting for me at a distance. They usually don’t go over to eat while I am still there. Yesterday, however, was a bit different. It had rained all day so I thought perhaps they were sleeping in the shed they hide out in on occasion. I drove up and found them asleep under some trees at a distance. I wanted to get them to come and have their food so I shook the container. They didn’t respond. Of course, I was terrified they were sick or worse! I couldn’t imagine them not popping their heads up for food. As I moved closer, I could see they were breathing…and as I got closer, realized they were snoring! I wasn’t prepared to take a picture due to the rain, but how adorable they were sleeping under the trees. I woke them up by asking them if they were hungry. They popped their heads, gave a good stretch, and yawned. They got up and came and ate right out of my hand! Making progress with these cuties!”

Stay tuned for future updates on this compelling story of an animal lover and her strong commitment to animal care!

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