dog walking

The life of a dog walker is one in which spending time outdoors is a given. Most of what we do caring for pets takes place outside, although out pet sitting visits to cats does provide some variety in our day.

Although sign up for the job knowing that most of it is outdoors, we often don’t think much about the winter time. And being a dog walker in the winter can be tough. Between all of the dark walks, icy weather getting to homes, and dogs who aren’t very excited to go the bathroom when its cold and windy, being a dog walker over the winter months can be trying. Of course, that’s all made up for when it snows and the dog you’re walking leaps excitedly into a snow bank.

We know you’ve all been looking forward to Spring as much as we have. The sun is shining longer which seems like one of the best things any dog walker could ask for. That combined with the warm weather, cool breezes, and the sun shining on your face seems like pure bliss.

As dog walkers, we are excited to be outside in this beautiful weather walking your pups. But what makes it even more exciting is to see how excited your pets are to be outside. You can see an extra pep in their step. They sniff around excitedly, tracking the animals who are now and about for spring.

So, because of how happy it makes your pets (and us!), it’s real pleasure to be a dog walker this time of year.


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